Windows programming Interview Questions To Prepare

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Windows programming Interview Questions to prepare.
  • What are types of kernel objects?
  • What is a kernel object?
  • User can access these kernel objects structures?
  • If we cannot alter these Kernel Object structures directly, how do our applications manipulate these kernel objects?
  • How owns the Kernel Object?
  • How does the kernel object outlive the process that created it?
  • Which is the data member common to all the kernel object and what is the use of it?
  • How to identify the difference between the kernel object and user object?
  • What is the purpose of Process Handle Table?
  • Name few functions that create Kernel Objects?
  • What is handle?
  • How the handle helps in manipulating the kernel objects?
  • What happens when the CloseHandle(handle) is called?
  • You forget to call CloseHandle - will there be a memory leak?
  • What is the need of process relative handles?
  • How the handles are handled in the child process?
  • Why the entries in the parent process table and child table are same?
  • What about the usage count in the parent child process tables?
  • What are Named Objects?
  • What do you mean by unnamed object?
  • What is DuplicateHandle (API)?
  • What is a thread?
  • What is the limit on per process for creating a thread?
  • What is Synchronization Objects?
  • What is Event Object and why it is used?
  • What is signaled and non signaled state?
  • APIs for creating event and set and reset the events
  • What is Mutex Object and why it is used?
  • How do I create a Mutex?
  • How do other threads own the mutex?
  • How do other threads own the mutex?


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