Five Tips for Making Star Presentations

on 8:07 AM

 One of the most important traits in great leaders is the ability to communicate effectively and clearly, regardless of who your audience is. This includes having a knack for delivering impactful presentations, whether that's on a stage in front of several hundred people, in a board meeting or to a group of staffers. It's a particularly important requirement for CIOs who often have to speak to a diverse set of audiences.


on 1:00 AM

Even though the interview is over, your work is far from complete...

After each interview mentally review the questions asked by the interviewer and your responses to them. Were you caught “off-guard” by any questions? Could you have answered a question better, in more detail, or in a more focused manner? Quiz yourself after each interview and take notes. This will enhance future interview efforts. 

Interview Questions used for Managerial Positions

on 8:15 PM

 Provide job description
 Ask for application if one not submitted initially
 Introduction and outline format of interview(s)
 Overview of unit and campus

Specific Questions: 
1. Experience
 What one or two things from your prior experience and/or education do you see as being the most relevant and valuable to succeed in this position
 What about his particular position and/or unit most interests you?

Avoid Unexpected Wardrobe Problems

on 8:02 AM

You have pressed the suit, coordinated matching accessories, and polished your shoes. You are sure to walk in the door looking like a winner. With 30 minutes to spare, you sit down for your breakfast. Right on cue, you dribble juice down the white shirt and slide your sleeve in the butter. That is just one of many mishaps that can add stress to the big interview day.

PHP Interview Questions with Answers Part 5

on 5:14 AM

This is the new fifith episode of PHP Interview preparation Questions with answers. Check out this collection of PHP Interview Questions with simplified Answers.
  • How can we extract string ' ' from a string using regular expression of php?
  • What is the difference between the functions unlink and unset?
  • How come the code works, but doesn’t for two-dimensional array of mine?
  • How can we register the variables into a session?
  • What is the difference between characters \023 and \x23?
  • With a heredoc syntax, do I get variable substitution inside the heredoc contents?
  • How can we submit form without a submit button?
  • How can we create a database using PHP and mysql?
  • How many ways we can retrieve the date in result set of mysql using php?
  • Can we use include ("abc.php") two times in a php page "makeit.php"?