25 SAP ABAP interview questions

on 12:29 AM

  1. What are the various compoents of SAP XI?
  2. Define Integaration Builder.
  3. What is Software Component Version.
  4. Explain IR and ID.
  5. What is data type, message type, Message Interface, etc.
  6. What is context handling?
  7. Context object (How to create and use one).
  8. What are the various steps in the ID for configuration and expain each one.
  9. What are pipe line services?
  10. Define central adapter engine.
  11. What are the various type of Adapter.
  12. Idoc adapter and File adapter.
  13. What are the adapters that exist in the ABAP stack?
  14. Different type of Mapping, their merits?
  15. Define Simple and Advance function, how do we create it?
  16. Overview of the Run Time Workbench.
  17. How you create the Idoc to File or File to Idoc scenerio(Complete Flow).
  18. What are the steps to send the Idoc to XI.
  19. How can you varify that Idoc is sent to the XI or not.
  20. What is Metadata, how can you check the Idoc metadata (t-code IDX2).
  21. What are the Various steps for the Java Mapping?
  22. What is Value Mapping? How we can use it, where does the table get stored?
  23. What is MultiMapping, what interface do we use for it?
  24. Define BPM, their basics steps (Like Fork, Block, Loop, etc.)?
  25. Sender Agreement is required for Idoc adapter? Why?


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