Network developer interview questions

on 9:28 AM

  1. What ports does FTP traffic travel over?
  2. What ports does mail traffic utilize?
  3. What ports do HTTP and HTTPS use?
  4. Why is NTP required in an NFS network?
  5. Name some common mal software on the server side
  6. What is CPAN? How do you access it?
  7. What is PEAR?
  8. What advantages does mod_perl have over a perl CGI?
  9. What is required to do SSL in Apache 1.x?
  10. What is Tcl?
  11. What is a servlet engine/container?
  12. What is BIND?
  13. Name the steps to setup a slave zone in BIND
  14. Name the steps to setup a primary zone in BIND
  15. What commands would you use under Solaris or Linux to modify/view an LDAP tree?


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