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IT careers
With computers and Internet becoming an integral part of our personal and professional lives, IT Careers have gained immense popularity over the past few years.  Though some believed that there would be a slump in the IT field, it continues to grow, and offers job opportunities to people who have the right skills and training.  

Information Technology occupations touch nearly every field in every part of the country and by that sheer presence itself offer innumerable job openings.
To become a part of the IT sector, you can choose from an array of paths.  However, it is good to have general and specific skills along with formal training in IT related subjects.  A certification or a Bachelor’s degree will ensure you find the correct niche for yourself in this sector.  Certain personal qualities, like problem-solving capabilities, attention to detail and logical outlook are important if your choice is an IT Career.  A strong foundation in Mathematics during High School is also an added asset for jobs in the IT industry.

Types of IT Careers and description

Broadly IT careers can be classified into the following types:  Computer and Information Research Scientists, ComputerHardware Engineers, Computer Software Engineers, Computer and Information Systems Managers, Computer Programmers, Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts, Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Network and Computer Systems Administrators and Computer Support Specialists. The option of courses is huge and armed with correct advice and information one can choose the right subjects to pursue any of these careers.
Most IT jobs involve putting in at least a 40 hour work week.  Sometimes, you may have to work in the evenings as well as weekends depending on the job you are holding, essentially to meet deadlines or solve any unexpected problems.
The level of stress can be high in certain positions in the IT field, mainly because of the stress of meeting goals with tight budgets and short deadlines.


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