Microsoft Job Interview Secrets

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If you have been selected to have a Microsoft job interview, congratulations. Microsoft is one of the most prestigious and successful companies in the world, and only considers the very top candidates for positions with the company. 

Just the fact that you have been given an opportunity to come speak about a position, means that you must be an exemplary candidate. To fully take advantage of this opportunity, however, you will need to prepare yourself for interviewing the Microsoft way. To summarize, Microsoft looks for candidates who have both strong skills in their specialties and the ability to work well with the rest of the highly accomplished Microsoft staff. Typically, interviewers will quickly ascertain that candidates have the technical and experience background necessary, then move onto the more subjected areas of the interview.

Consequently, to prepare for the Microsoft job interview, you should do the preparation needed to address both the technical job skills that you bring to the position, but also your ability to work and lead within a team. Consequently, your first course of action should be research and investigation of what Microsoft is looking for in the position. At the very minimum, you need to be completely aware of what the daily duties of the job are, both formal and informal. You should also be aware of what results the employee is expected to produce, and as much about what the target department and team values in a coworker as possible. When you have a sense of what Microsoft is looking for, your next task is to be able to persuasively pass yourself off as that using your experience, background, qualifications and achievements.

More Microsoft Job Interview Advice

Interviewers move quickly in a Microsoft job interview, so you should practice giving these answers as rapidly and efficiently as possible. When you can, be sure to tell your story with a situation, action and result that matches well with the requirements of the target job. This allows the interviewer to imagine you performing those actions in the Microsoft environment and to be successful in it. If you have difficulty doing this initially, you might want to practice answering these job interview questions a couple of times, especially if you can videotape yourself doing so. That allows you to develop the natural and organic habit of turning questions into answers complete with examples.

One eventuality that you will need to prepare yourself for in a Microsoft job interview is the case study. Many times the Microsoft interviewer will begin the interview with a test case, and ask you to perform the kind of task that the target job has to do. There is not much that you can do to prepare for the specific task, but the test is designed to get as sense of your process and work decisions. Spending some time thinking about how you would do the sorts of tasks that the target job is responsible for, and reviewing the best and most effective way of accomplishing those tasks can help you handle this portion more comfortably.


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