Fire-Proof Career Tactics 4 u

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We've heard it before, "Things have changed. Job security no longer exists." Have we modified our work philosophy to meet this challenge? What can we do to not only survive but prevail in this environment?
We can change the way we look at our relationships with our employers and how we define ourselves. We must realize that we are in control of our career. Consider ourselves independent contractors, and our employer is our biggest client. How does that feel?

With this mentality we know we must take care of our chief customer, and we know we must continuously improve ourselves so we are competitive in the market. Listen to how workers with the new attitude sound.
Taking care of our chief customer...our employer
We are reliable. We're at work everyday. We get our work done on or before deadlines.
We look good. We dress professionally and are meticulously groomed. Our employer is proud to present us to new clients and guests.
We are great communicators. We are accurate, persuasive, energetic, and concise writers and speakers.
We're open minded. We're ready to listen to others ideas and techniques. We're flexible enough to change our minds.
We follow instructions. We work within the company policies and procedures. We act with honesty and integrity.
We leave our personal problems at home. When we are at work, we are 100% focused on our company's goals.
We are cooperative. We never say, "That's not my job."
We solve problems. Rather than bringing problems to our manager's door, we solve problems for our managers.
We can take criticism. We solicit feedback and appreciate criticism because it is a great way to learn how we can improve.
We're excellent planners. We use documentation and measurement to plan and process work.
Taking care of our personal business...our career
We understand our market. We keep up with industry trends so we plan to be where it is heading, not where it has been. We learn about tangential industries should opportunities in our immediate industry dry up.
We are life-long learners. We are always expanding our knowledge and our skill base. We are familiar with the latest Web sites regarding business, our industry and ancillary industries. We are fluent with the latest software and take advantage of the latest technologies.
We build and maintain a powerful network. We belong to associations and after-work groups. We stay connected and are continuously broadening our network. We support our peers.
Are our ready to adopt the new work philosophy? If you do, you'll become indispensable to your current employer and extremely valuable in the market place.


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