VB interview questions and answers

on 11:56 AM

  1. What is the method for returning more than one values from a function in VB?
  2. What is early-binding and late-binding? Does ASP support early-binding?
  3. Difference between T-SQL and PL/SQL?
  4. How can a COM object be modified in VB?
  5. What is Byval and ByRef in VB? And how does it work?
  7. Have you used inner join? How does it work? What is in the resultset? Rows from 1st table or 2nd table?
  8. What is disconnected mode?
  9. How is the error handling in stored proc of T-SQL?
  10. What is Transcaction?
  11. What is clustered index and non-clustered index? How many clustered indexes and non-clustered indexes can be created in one table?


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