JavaScript & AJAX interview questions Part(1)

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1.  Why so JavaScript and Java have similar name?
A.  JavaScript is a stripped-down version of Java
B.  JavaScript's syntax is loosely based on Java's
C.  They both originated on the island of Java
D.  None of the above

2.  When a user views a page containing a JavaScript program, which machine actually executes the script?
A.  The User's machine running a Web browser
B.   The Web server
C.  A central machine deep within Netscape's corporate offices
D.  None of the above

3.  ______ JavaScript is also called client-side JavaScript.
A.  Microsoft
B.  Navigator
C.  LiveWire
D.  Native

4.  __________ JavaScript is also called server-side JavaScript.
A.  Microsoft
B.   Navigator
C.  LiveWire
D.  Native

5.  What are variables used for in JavaScript Programs?
A.  Storing numbers, dates, or other values
B.   Varying randomly
C.  Causing high-school algebra flashbacks
D.  None of the above

6.  _____ JavaScript statements embedded in an HTML page can respond to user events such as mouse-clicks, form input, and page navigation.
A.  Client-side
B.   Server-side
C.  Local
D.  Native

7.  What should appear at the very end of your JavaScript?
B.    The

.  Which of the following can't be done with client-side JavaScript?
A.  Validating a form
B.   Sending a form's contents by email
C.  Storing the form's contents to a database file on the server
D.  None of the above

9.  Which of the following are capabilities of functions in JavaScript?
A.  Return a value
B.   Accept parameters and Return a value
C.  Accept parameters
D.  None of the above

10.  Which of the following is not a valid JavaScript variable name?
A.  2names
B.   _first_and_last_names
C.  FirstAndLast
D.  None of the above

11.  ______ tag is an extension to HTML that can enclose any number of JavaScript statements.

12.  How does JavaScript store dates in a date object?
A.  The number of milliseconds since January 1st, 1970
B.   The number of days since January 1st, 1900
C.  The number of seconds since Netscape's public stock offering.
D.  None of the above

13.  Which of the following attribute can hold the JavaScript version?
D.  None of the above

14.  What is the correct JavaScript syntax to write "Hello World"?
A.  System.out.println("Hello World")
B.   println ("Hello World")
C.  document.write("Hello World")
D.  response.write("Hello World")

15.  Which of the following way can be used to indicate the LANGUAGE attribute?
A.  LANGUAGE="JavaScriptVersion"
B.   SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScriptVersion"
C.  SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScriptVersion"   JavaScript statements…
D.  SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScriptVersion"!    JavaScript statements…

16.  Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?
A.  js
B.   scripting
C.  script
D.  javascript

17.  What is the correct syntax for referring to an external script called " abc.js"?
A.  script href=" abc.js"
B.   script name=" abc.js"
C.  script src=" abc.js"
D.  None of the above

18.  Which types of image maps can be used with JavaScript?
A.  Server-side image maps
B.  Client-side image maps
C.  Server-side image maps and Client-side image maps
D.  None of the above

19.  Which of the following navigator object properties is the same in both   Netscape and IE?
A.  navigator.appCodeName
B.   navigator.appName
C.  navigator.appVersion
D.  None of the above

20.  Which is the correct way to write a JavaScript array?
A.  var txt = new Array(1:"tim",2:"kim",3:"jim")
B.   var txt = new Array:1=("tim")2=("kim")3=("jim")
C.  var txt = new Array("tim","kim","jim")
D.  var txt = new Array="tim","kim","jim"

21.  What does the noscript tag do?
A.  Enclose text to be displayed by non-JavaScript browsers.
B.   Prevents scripts on the page from executing.
C.  Describes certain low-budget movies.
D.  None of the above

22. If para1 is the DOM object for a paragraph, what is the correct syntax to change the text within the paragraph?
A.  "New Text"?
B.  para1.value="New Text";
C.  para1.firstChild.nodeValue= "New Text";
D.  para1.nodeValue="New Text";

23.  JavaScript entities start with _______ and end with _________.
A.  Semicolon, colon
B.   Semicolon, Ampersand
C.  Ampersand, colon
D.  Ampersand, semicolon

24.  Which of the following best describes JavaScript?
A.  a low-level programming language.
B.   a scripting language precompiled in the browser.
C.  a compiled scripting language.
D.  an object-oriented scripting language.

25.  Choose the server-side JavaScript object?
A.  FileUpLoad
B.   Function
C.  File
D.  Date


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