DAC interview questions and answers

on 10:43 AM

  1. What is the IC numbers for DAC that you have used in the lab?
  2. Define resolution. What is the resolution of DAC that you have used in the lab?
  3. How many pins does DAC IC have?
  4. What are the types of DAC?
  5. Which technique you have used for DAC interfacing
  7. Which type of DAC you have used in the lab?
  8. Define all the specifications of DAC.
  9. What are the advantages of binary ladder type DAC over weighted resistance type DAC?
  10. What are the applications of DAC?
  11. Explain block diagram IC 0808?
  12. Explain the logic of DAC program.
  13. Explain the interfacing of DAC with 8086.


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