Resume Career Objective & Resume Professional Objective

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A career objective is generally used in graduate resumes more experienced job seekers use a professional objective.

The resume objective should be
  • Clear and concise.
  • Contains resume action verbs.
  • Contain job and skill related keywords.
  • Focus on the employer's need rather than on yours.

A career objective expresses what you want to achieve in your career and which position you aspire to.

Your objective should include: your skills, achievements

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, the position you are seeking, the specific skills you want to learn and develop, the kind of company you would like to work for. These should be aligned to the job advert.

Your objective should be more what you can do for the employer rather than vice versa.

If the potential employer sees that your objectives are his targets then you have become a potential candidate, this is a good technique to quickly grab the attention of the reader.

Example Professional Objective
A lead role in the web software development team using Java and Apache.


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