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laptopSearching for a new job can be an incredibly tedious procedure. In fact, it can be the toughest ‘job’ you’ll ever have prior to landing that dream job! It can also get very stressful – given the preponderance of job applications one has to fill out, go through a series of interviews, and then finally, play the much-dreaded, ‘waiting game’. Regardless of your qualifications, personality and past work experience, you might face a lot of trouble finding just the ‘right’ job for yourself.

Nowadays, online job searching is one of the most effective ways to find the right job. It makes your life and job searching a lot simpler. Online job search is well established, rapidly growing and very helpful to employers and jobseekers alike. It saves you from a lot of hassle, cost and stress associated with the traditional way of job searching.

You should never wait around for an opportunity to come knocking at your door. It’s important to get through the door before your competition.

Target a Job Market

The most important thing for searching a job is to target a job market. It will make your job search a lot simpler and will also help you make important decisions throughout your job search. Additionally, it will help you prepare a more focused CV that will get more attention from relevant employers. Remember, your chances of getting a job are higher if you get noticed by fewer employers who are looking to hire people with your background rather than blindly applying for all sorts of jobs that do not match your background. Once you are able to define your target market, you can define your objective or career goal.


You need to do a bit of homework before you start looking for a job online. Most Employers prefer to use Searching techniques to pinpoint their set of candidates. Large job sites such as ROZEE.PK offer employers with “CV Search Tool” that works in principle the same way as the Google, or any other search engine.

Employers, basically type in the keywords that they assume would fit in their desired set of candidates and the most relevant resumes are pulled up from the database. It is very important to use the right “Keywords” in your resume to get noticed.

Employers may also choose to use ROZEE.PK’s “Advanced Searching Techniques” like specifying experience level, university name, age, etc. to further narrow down their search results. But typically, they choose to run a broader search. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to have your CV include all the keywords that describe your skillset and your professional background.

Employers judge your resume through keywords because they help to surface your CV over others that might not have used those Keywords. Make sure you use the right keywords, so that you can make a good first impression when the employers read your CV. If you build your resume with the right keywords, you are improving your own chances of getting a good job. If you ignore this, your resume might remain unnoticed to all the Top Employers.

Make the Perfect First Impression

Your first impression is your “Resume” to an Employer. You should give a lot of importance to a resume before you start looking for a job. Whether you like it or not, fact remains that appearance does count, so your resume should look good and sound good.

Make sure you have completed the writing and editing, double-check all data and make sure that format is consistent. ROZEE.PK also provides a feature called “CV Wizard” which is a lot of help to people who are unable to build a professional resume.

ROZEE.PK has recently introduced “Career Services”, through which you can get a professional resume and cover letter made by an Expert, which will dramatically improve your chances of being interviewed. For more information, visit: http://rozee.pk/careerservices/

Importance of an Updated Resume

It is quite frequent a case that job seekers have old CVs uploaded on ROZEE. Please make sure that you have the most up-to-date resume set as your “Default CV”.

Jobseekers should update their resume on regular basis with relevant accomplishments and new job duties. As soon as you have acquired a new degree/certificate, don’t forget to add it to your profile.

Professional Summary:

Your professional summary is also an important asset. At ROZEE.PK, whenever an employer views the resume, he can see a brief synopsis of the candidate and it creates an impression of the candidate in the mind of an Employer. Your professional summary should stand out.

Research and Explore Career Options

Uploading a professional resume is not the end of your job search. You need to be constantly on the lookout for jobs that match your background. It is very important to conduct an effective online job search. Take your time and explore career options. Once you are done with choosing a career field, start targeting Employers. You can use the keywords depending on your objective. The first thing you need to do is to determine your search criteria. Try using job titles combined with your specific skills or expertise.

For this you need to visit ROZEE.PK on a regular basis. Additionally, you can opt for email alerts at ROZEE.PK which will inform you about every new job opening that meets your criteria. The more well-defined your job criteria, better the matching. However, keep in mind, more detailed search criteria also means less job matches.

You can also narrow down your job search so that you can view only job openings that meet your interest. ROZEE.PK provides you the advantage of customizing your job search. Possible criteria are job location, expected salary, category search or employment type. This will help you find more opportunities and you won’t have to spend hours and hours on job searching.

Virtual Job Fair

Advancement in technology lead Job fairs to go virtual too due to which more job-seekers and employers are finding each other online. While conducting an online search, Virtual Job Fair is the best possible way to interact with the employers directly. Jobseekers can listen to presentations, visit booths, leave resumes, participate in live chats and gather information from recruiters.

Develop a Contact Network

It is very important to develop a contact network for job search. It can open doors that might otherwise remain closed. Your network can also consist of family members, friends, classmates, professors and electronic discussion groups.

Follow-Up and Record Keeping

The most important thing in job searching is follow-up and keeping the records. Maintain a record of all the jobs that you have applied for. Also, keep the record of all the interviews you had so far and follow up with them. If you fail to maintain such information you might lose valuable contacts and opportunities to find a good job.

Don’t Give Up

You need to be persistent and confident when looking for a job. Job search can also discourage you at times but it is very important that you keep looking for it until you find the right job for you. Patience should also be a factor on your job search.

One friendly advice is that you should never give up. Searching for a job is hard. It may take more time than you expected but eventually the right position will come.


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