Before The Interview

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Tips to Remember:
Know your resume well enough that you can discuss every line if necessary
Research the company prior to your interview
Be prepared with answers to frequently asked questions
Prepare questions to ask the interviewer about the position/company
Many employers will use your resume as a source of questions during the
interview. Review your resume prior to the interview and be able to develop
answers to questions that relate to your employment and educational experience
listed on your resume. Be prepared to discuss gaps in employment. If called
upon, you must be able to demonstrate the skills you stated on your resume.
Focus your answers on the skills and experience that will be most useful to the
position you are interviewing for.
Researching the company you are interviewing with and the position you are
pursuing demonstrates genuine interest and initiative. It will be obvious to the
interviewer whether you did your research or not. Many interviewers will focus
questions on finding out how much preparation you did for the interview.

One can research a company utilizing many different sources:
The Internet
Company brochures and year end statements
The area Chamber of Commerce
Networking – ask friends, relatives, teachers, social and business contacts
You do not need to know everything possible about the company. The
information most helpful for the interviewing process includes knowing the
product manufactured or service offered. You should find out the size of the
company and if they have multiple locations. Who are their competitors? Did
they recently merge with another company? What is their sales volume and is
that down or up from previous years?
When employers/interviewers were asked about the most common mistakes
made in various interviews, their responses were: not being prepared for the
interview and not knowing much about the company or industry.
Do not forget the most obvious research, simply knowing where you are going
BEFORE the interview. What is the company address? How long should you
plan for travel time? Drive by the company to be sure that you know how to get
there and how long it will take. Also, remember to give yourself an extra 10-15
minutes in case they ask you to complete their job application.

Other tips on preparing for your interview:
Consider how the position relates to your talents and goals, such as specialty
area and opportunities for advancement.
Schedule the interview at a time that will not conflict with your working
hours. Most interviewers will understand you not wanting to take off work at
your current position to interview for other jobs.
Find out the name and position of the person you will meet with and get his/
her telephone number in case an emergency arises.
Be prepared with answers to why you want to work at that particular
organization, and how you would be the best candidate for this position.
Understanding the company, their mission and their environment will help
you with these questions.
Dress properly for the interview. Dress slacks, dress shirt, a tie and possibly
a sport coat for men. Women should wear a knee length (or longer) skirt or
pants, and blouse. If a skirt is your choice, be sure to wear nylons. Don’t
forget the dress shoes.


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